Words of wisdom from RFC 3164, "The BSD syslog Protocol"

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1. Introduction

Since the beginning, life has relied upon the transmission of
messages. For the self-aware organic unit, these messages can relay
many different things. The messages may signal danger, the presence
of food or the other necessities of life, and many other things. In
many cases, these messages are informative to other units and require
no acknowledgement. As people interacted and created processes, this
same principle was applied to societal communications.

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Example 3

<165>Aug 24 05:34:00 CST 1987 mymachine myproc[10]: %% It's
time to make the do-nuts. %% Ingredients: Mix=OK, Jelly=OK #
Devices: Mixer=OK, Jelly_Injector=OK, Frier=OK # Transport:
Conveyer1=OK, Conveyer2=OK # %%


It should be noted that the information contained in the CONTENT of
this example is not telemetry data, nor is it supervisory control or
data acquisition information. Due to the security concerns listed in
Section 6 of this document, information of that nature should
probably not be conveyed across this protocol.

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6. Security Considerations

An odor may be considered to be a message that does not require any
acknowledgement. People tend to avoid bad odors but are drawn to
odors that they associate with good food. The acknowledgement of the
receipt of the odor or scent is not required and indeed it may be the
height of discretion to totally ignore some odors. On the other
hand, it is usually considered good civility to acknowledge the
prowess of the cook merely from the ambiance wafting from the
kitchen. Similarly, various species have been found to utilize odors
to attract mates. One species of moth uses this scent to find each
other. However, it has been found that bolas spiders can mimic the
odor of the female moths of this species. This scent will then
attract male moths, which will follow it with the expectation of
finding a mate. Instead, when they arrive at the source of the
scent, they will be eaten [8]. This is a case of a false message
being sent out with inimical intent.

1984 plans for downtown Bethesda preservation

The Washington Post ran this article on May 3, 1984, a couple of months before the Bethesda Metro station opened for business. They were trying to figure out how many of the mid-20th century commercial buildings in downtown Bethesda to preserve, since landowners there were already working on selling their land for the big office buildings and apartment buildings that surround the Metro station now.

So what became of the buildings in the photos? Let's take a look:

Collapse )

What does this sign I kept passing in a dream last night mean?

I've tried to illustrate it with a photo of a similar looking building and awning to the one in the dream. I never went in the building but I knew it had something to do with the horror movie "Cujo", and my dream was very specific that the font was Monotype Bernhard and the phrase "occasional and" was abbreviated "occas. &"

Please give me your best dream interpretations!


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What is it that makes my brain associate "Islands in the Stream" and "Everyday People" anyway? I was at a store with the former playing in the background and my brain kept adding the horn charts from the latter.

I think it's just the stepwise chord progression behind the chorus of "Islands in the Stream" reminding me of the one behind the verse of "Everyday People", but I don't have time to think analytically about it right now.

(Speaking of songs by the Gibb brothers, search on YouTube sometime for Barry injecting a few lines of "Stayin' Alive" in the middle of a reggae song he was doing live; it's really, er, something.)